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KARAMAR | Specialized Skincare

Facial Fitness "Multi-Layered"
Advanced Skincare Treatments™

A Multi-Layering of "2" to "9" Different "Advanced,
Customized" Skincare Treatments  ~  all-in-one Treatment
~ with "Numerous "Additional & Beneficial Extras" Included ~

"Exclusive :: Result-Driven :: Enjoyable"

KARAMAR | Specialized Skincare's
Advanced & Exclusive ~ Customized Combinations consist

of our perfected "Multi-Layeringand ever-changing of
well over 35+ different "key" combinations along with
"Hundreds of Various Settings & Options" of Advanced,
 Signature Facial Preventative & Rejuvenation Skincare
Treatments, thus allowing us the flexibility to mix and
match the perfect skincare treatment combination, best
suited for your unique, individual, and specific skincare
needs and goals, as your skin's condition is continuously
changing, day-to-day, month-to-month, season-to-season,
as should your advanced skincare treatments & services
always be "flexible and adjusted accordingly," as as well.

Listed below is a "small sampling" of our "Customized
Combinations" which are also many of our most requested
and favorite of our vast Skincare Treatment offerings.

"Pricing Options & Complete Service Details"
For Pricing Options and Complete Service Details on our
Layered "Combo" Facial Fitness Skincare Treatments listed
below ~ Please Click on their Individual Links and Individual
Drop-Down Menu Links ~ These Links are Located to your Left.

Skin Supreme ~ 9-in-1 Facial Fitness Skincare Treatment™
Skin Supreme ~ 5-in-1 Facial Fitness Skincare Treatment™

Skin Excellence ~ 8-in-1 Facial Fitness Skincare Treatment™
Skin Excellence ~ 4-in-1 Facial Fitness Skincare Treatment™

Skin Achievement ~ 7-in-1 Facial Fitness Skincare Treatment™
Skin Achievement ~ 3-in-1 Facial Fitness Skincare Treatment™

Skin Essentials ~ 6-in-1 Facial Fitness Skincare Treatment™
Skin Essentials ~ 2-in-1 Facial Fitness Skincare Treatment™

KARAMAR | Specialized Skincare's
Combination "Facial Fitness" Skincare Treatments™

have been a KARAMAR Client Favorite for years, and are
the most requested of our "vast" and "exclusive" skincare
treatment offerings ~ and after you have received just
one of KARAMAR | Specialized Skincare's ~ Combination
"Facial Fitness" Skincare Treatments™ you too will know
why they have been a longtime KARAMAR Client Favorite.

Result Driven ~ Relaxing ~ No Downtime
Also, don't be surprised if you may find you dose
off a little or completely fall asleep as everyone of
our Clients often does, that is if they decide they
would rather talk and catch-up instead of resting
during their skincare treatment.  KARAMAR'S

Skincare Combination "Facial Fitness" Skincare
Treatments™ are very enjoyable and relaxing, as
well as being "extremely effective," result driven,
and with no downtime.  KARAMAR'S ~ Combination
"Facial Fitness" Skincare Treatments, include many
extras and "numerous variations" of combination
options, which we have perfected over many years.

We are extremely pleased to be able to offer
you a vast selection of "advanced & innovative,"
non-invasive skincare treatments, and look forward
to working with you to match your skincare needs
with one of our many effective, and also enjoyable
skincare treatment combinations, and one which
best fits your skincare needs, goals and lifestyle.

After you receive one of our advanced "signature"
skincare treatments your skin will look and feel,
refreshed invigorated, firmer & glowing.  For those
of you that might be wondering what your skin will
look and feel like after receiving any of our Advanced
and Exclusive Combination "Facial Fitness" Skincare
Treatments™ ~ you will not leave with your skin looking
like a red tomato  ~  even after receiving our "Skin
Supreme ~ 9-in-1" Facial Fitness Skincare Treatment,
 just refreshed, hydrated, healthy and glowing skin.

"Exclusive :: Result-Driven :: Enjoyable"

Please Note:  Depending on your skin's condition, and or any past or
current medical or health conditions or medications, you may not be a
candidate for the Non-Surgical, Advanced, Anti-Aging, Preventative or
Rejuvenation Skincare Treatments we offer or are listed on this
~  however, I may still be able to possibly, again depending on
your skin's condition, your health and or medication you may be currently
taking, work with you to help you accomplish your skincare goals using
our "Exclusive" for Home Use, Advanced, Leading Edge, Individualized
Custom Formulated Professional Skincare Products Only Program.  Our
Exclusive Skincare Program Option has been "Extremely Successful"
for Clients who are not able to receive the Advanced Skincare Treatments
we offer ~ However, still wish to improve the look and feel of their skin.

Disclaimer:  The information on this website has been provided in good faith
for informational purposes only, and should not be relied upon as medical advice.
The information on this site is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.

Proudly Serving KARAMAR Clients
throughout the United States, and also from the following areas throughout Oregon, Washington
and California;
Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Studio City, Malibu, Santa Barbara,, La Jolla... ~ Portland,
Lake Oswego, West Linn, Clackamas, Happy Valley, Wilsonville, Sunnyside, Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview,
Corbett, Bend, Washougal, Vancouver, Seattle, Kirkland, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Tigard, Sherwood, Tualatin,
Cannon Beach, Pearl District, Salem, Eugene, Corvallis... ~ just to name a few... and the Metro Area in Oregon


Please Note: For those who are new to Advanced Skincare
Treatments, Services and Professional Skincare Products. Advanced
Skincare Treatments, Services and Professional Skincare Products are
Not Created Equal or Preformed in the Same Manner from Business to
Business, there are Vast Differences ~ when deciding, you will need
to Compare as the saying goes "Apples to Apples" and keep in mind
Advanced Continuous Training, Posted Documented Licensing, Years
of Hands-On Experience, the Use of Only Up-To-Date, Top Professional
Grade & Use Only" Rated (Not for Home Use Rated, there is a Difference)
Quality and Performance of the Skin Enhancement Equipment used during
Treatments is an Absolute Must to Consider, and will Vary Extensively in
the Skincare Industry. Also just as Important is the use of Superior, Proven
Professional Grade Only Ingredient Formulations & Skincare Products for both
your Advanced Skincare Treatments and for your Home-Use Routine, as there
is a vast difference in over-the-counter products versus professional grade.


Karamar Specialized Skincare

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