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~ Skincare and or Cosmetic Products ~

Below, please find 'detailed information' on:
Instruction Information, Delivery Schedule,
Shipping ""Weather Delay"" Information...

*Product Mail-Orders
"Established" KARAMAR | Specialized Skincare
clients, you can re-order your cosmetic and skincare
products via mail-order throughout the United States,
and have your products shipped right to your home, office,
vacation residence, and also for our clients living outside
of the Pacific NW ~ we will continue to "update, and
revise" your custom formulated skincare products per
your seasonal climate changes, and other factors etc.

At this time, Skincare and Cosmetic Product
Mail-Order is only available within the United States.

 We Exclusively use USPS ~ Delivery Confirmation
Priority Shipping, as USPS have provided us for many years
with consistent, reliable quality of service, with zero damage
to any of our shipments sent out all over the United States.

Friendly Reminder to our Clients who travel ~ Please
call us or 
submit your order on-line a few days ahead and
Especially when
you are planning on leaving the States,
we will need extra time to blend, revise and update
product orders for the possible change in climate
will be traveling and staying in, and other factors.

How to Place your Order ~ Two Options

"Leaving us a Voice-Mail"
KARAMAR Clients please call:  503-635-1202
to leave us a detailed Voice-Mail Message, please speak
Slowly &
Clearly or we will not be able to 
fill your order,
with unclear information, and please also leave us a call
phone number as it will expedite a quicker call back
to you, 
so we can verify and confirm your product order.

"Using our Online Order Form"

You can also order on-line using the 'Submit your Order,' a link
to this Form is provided
below, and for products needed, just type
in the name of the product or products in the Order Description
such as Cleanser, Day Cream, Night Cream, Foundation... etc.
We have your complete information and custom formulations on
file so you will 
not need to be exact on the product label name.

If using our Online
Order Form ~ For your protection, please
'do not enter' your Credit Card Number in the Order Description
Box.  We only need for you to select on the Order Form if you will
be using a Visa or Master Card for your product order,
you to enter your 
Visa or Master Card's Expiration Day and Year.

~ Please Note below our Estimated Delivery Time ~
After we have confirmed your order, and depending on your mailing
address, here in
Oregon 'or' we will be mailing your order to an
Out-of-State address, 
"please allow 12 to 14 Business Days," for
your product order to arrive, and expect delays during the Holidays,
Also delays if Winter and or Summer temperatures are not suitable.

Please plan accordingly, so you will not run out of
your favorite products.  KARAMAR EXCLUSIVES products
 are 'not pre-made,' off the shelve ready to ship.  We proudly
offer only fresh, custom blended products, for each order, and
we are
no-longer able to blend and ship same day or same week.

Also, depending on the time of year, there could be an
extra delay resulting from our needing to hold back from
blending your product order if the weather temperatures deem
too hot or too cold to ensure the superior integrity of your
"custom formulated" skincare and or cosmetics  ~  and as a
 courtesy we will continue to keep a close watch so we may send
those of you who live, or are vacationing in extreme climate
changes occurring throughout the year, an email weather
update reminder so you can better plan ahead for placing your
orders.  Please Call or Contact us via email if you any questions

Please Note If you insist on having us mail your products
during unrecommended, not ideal weather conditions, we will not
guarantee product integrity or will we replace your products if
your product arrives broken due to the ingredients freezing inside
their containers or ingredient leakage due to heat or cold expansion
etc.  Thank you for your assistance, which allows us to continually
provide you only the highest quality of result effective products.

"Confirming your Order"

Once we have received your order, we will be contacting
you within "2" business days (Tuesday thru Friday) to confirm
your o
rder and if any changes are needed, and at that time
then ask you for your credit card number and any further
information we may need prior to sending your ord
er.  If you are
placing your order by leaving us a Voice Mail you can
leave us
your credit card number & information, 
and we will contact you
to confirm your order and any needed 
additional information.

Please note ~ if you wish to have your skincare products
to another address which is not the address on your
credit card statement, please enter the address where your
statements are
mailed to "in addition" to the address you would
us to mail your skincare products to ~ the boxes on the form
 provided will guide 
you with what billing & shipping information is
needed, any ad
ditional questions you may have please call or email us.

Thank you  ~  Karen
KARAMAR™ Specialized Skincare

To Place your Product Mail-Order Online, Click on the
'Submit Your Order' Link Provided both Above and Below.

Submit Your Order

*Special Note to New Clients calling, and or emailing us from
Out-of-State and or Out-of-the-Country.  "Thank you," for your
interest and requests to purchase our custom skincare products.
Unfortunately, due to the precise customized blending and the
high potency ingredients used in our skincare product formulations,
it is impossible to determine the accurate blend and percentages of
ingredients for your specific skincare needs, and thus we do not blend
skincare products & mail them to clients we have not seen in person first.

Proudly Serving KARAMAR Clients
from the following  areas "throughout" Oregon & Washington

Portland, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Clackamas, Happy Valley, Wilsonville, Sunnyside,
Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview, Corbett, Bend, Camas, Washougal, Vancouver,
Seattle, Kirkland, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Tigard, Sherwood, Tualatin, Cannon Beach,
Pearl District, Salem, Eugene, Corvallis ~ just to name a few... and the Metro Area in Oregon.


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