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Ultrasonic "plus" Ultrasound
Rejuvenation & Firming Facial Treatment™

~ Recommended Number of Treatments
and Frequency of Treatments
"will vary per each individual's skincare needs"

KARAMAR'S ~ Ultrasonic "plus" Ultrasound
Rejuvenation & Firming Facial Treatments™
"Progressive Treatments" and Treatment
Frequency is Essential for Optimum Results.


Depending on the condition of your skin, skin type, your
current health, age and your skincare goals...  to achieve
Optimal Results, 
it is recommended that you receive *6 to 8
Skincare Treatments ~  
"1 to 2" Treatments per week within a
 3 to 8 week time frame "or" *4 Skincare Treatments "1"
Treatment per week within a 4 week time frame "or" 6 Skincare
Treatments, "1" every 10 days within a 9 week time frame.

Your Rapid-Results Skincare Treatments "if needed"
to start out with, and combined with both a "Single Visit
 Maintenance" Program of "1" Skincare Treatment every
3 to 8 weeks which will depend on the factors listed
*below and depending on your skincare needs, and by
using "Professional" for home-use skincare
can ensure the best & most long lasting results possible.

The Recommended Number of Skincare Treatments, is
only a recommendation and is based on years of experience.

 KARAMAR'S   Ultrasonic "Plus" Ultrasound
Rejuvenation & Firming Facial™ Treatments
"Progressive Treatments" and Treatment Frequency
is Essential for Optimum Results.  Once you have finished
 your "Initial" Rapid-Results Treatments you will be ready
to start on "Single Visit-Maintenance" Treatments, and is
 recommended you receive "1" Treatment every 3 to 8 weeks,

which will depend on the factors listed *below & depending
on your skincare needs, to maintain your youthful appearance.

*The Recommended Number of Skincare Treatments, is
only a recommendation and is based on years of experience.
The "Initial" Rapid-Results Treatment visit recommendations
listed above are "designed for optimum results for
first time," new to KARAMAR'S ~ Ultrasonic "Plus"
 Ultrasound Rejuvenation  & Firming Facial

*Many of our New KARAMAR Clients who "had been" receiving
"Like" Advanced Clinical" Skincare Treatments & "Professional"
Ingredient Formulations Elsewhere Prior to Switching over
to KARAMAR'S Advanced Skincare Treatments and Services,
have been able to "Proceed Directly" to our "Single Visit"
Skincare Program of "1" Treatment per month "or" spread out
over a longer period of time, and "Single Visit-Maintenance"
Treatments, and Vary Per Each Individual's Skincare Needs.


*A New Client needing "or" not needing to start with
Rapid-Results Skincare Treatment Series "or" a Reduced
Number of Rapid-Results Skincare Treatments, then
recommended above to start with, will greatly depend on
their age, health and condition of their skin, genetics, skin type,
some medications, their health, the use of over-the-counter
skincare products versus professional clinical grade skincare
products being used at home, and skincare goals, desired results.

Also, if they are new to receiving Advanced Clinical Grade
Skincare Treatments and Services as there is a "vast"
difference ~ and being that skin types, skin conditions and
the needs of the client are all uniquely individual, just as
your Advanced KARAMAR Skincare Treatments and Skincare
Product Formulations are "Individually Customized" and
adjusted accordingly, and continuously as they should be.

~ We Look Out For Your Best Skincare Interests ~
If you do not need a particular Skincare Treatment, a
Treatment Series or Skincare Product you will not receive it,
and we will always explain to you why, and especially if the
Skincare Treatment, a Treatment Series or Product will be of
"No" Benefit to you in Achieving Your Skincare Goals, and
instead we will suggest other options for you to consider.

You can Trust Us to put Your Very Best Interests First. 
As our Longtime Valued Clients and New Valued Clients
can Attest Too ~ our Business Integrity is Steadfast.

Please Note:  Depending on your skin's condition, and or any past or
current medical or health conditions or medications, you may not be a
candidate for the Non-Surgical, Signature Anti-Aging, Preventative or
Rejuvenation Skincare Treatments we offer or are listed on this
website ~ however, we may still be able to possibly, again depending on
your skin's condition, your health and or medication you may be currently
taking, work with you to help you accomplish your skincare goals using
our "Exclusive" for Home Use, Advanced, Leading Edge, Individualized
Custom Formulated Professional Skincare Products Only Program.
Our Exclusive Skincare Program Option has been "Extremely Successful"
for Clients who are not able to receive the advanced skincare treatments
we offer  ~  However, still wish to improve the look and feel of their skin.

Disclaimer:  The information on this website has been provided in good faith for
informational purposes only, and should not be relied upon as medical advice.
The information on this site is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.

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from the following areas "throughout" Oregon & Washington:

Portland, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Clackamas, Happy Valley, Wilsonville, Sunnyside,
Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview, Corbett, Bend, Camas, Washougal, Vancouver,
Seattle, Kirkland, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Tigard, Sherwood, Tualatin, Cannon Beach,
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