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"Leading Edge"
Customized Skincare Product Formulations

"One-of-a-Kind ~ Exclusive"

KARAMAR EXCLUSIVES™ Customized Skincare Product
Formulations came to Fruition well over 25 years ago and only
 after Prior Years of "Exhaustive Studies and Research," working
relentlessly with only Highly Regarded Advanced Chemists & Top
Rated, Proven, Certified & Qualified Labs   ~   Leading Edge
Product Ingredient Development Teams, Dermatologist-Testing,
Ophthalmologist-Approval, Ingredient Efficacy and Extensive,
and Lengthy Required Ingredient Formulation Challenge Testing.
Also, along with Extensive Research & Stringent Final Testing were
we able to Develop the Highest Standards and the Vast Benefits of
being able to "Proudly" Offer You a Truly One-of-a-Kind, Customized,
Extensive and Exclusive Collection of KARAMAR EXCLUSIVES™
Customized, Advanced and "Continuously Evolving" Skincare Product
Formulations, and as our Name & Long-time Reputation is in each blend
we offer you, we are driven to offer you only the best & most current.

We do not cut corners ever, and do not offer one-size-fits
all.  "We take great pride and are extremely passionate and
focused on a daily, ongoing, never-ending task of providing you
with only the most leading edge "exclusive up-to-the-minute"
ingredients for all your skincare treatments we offer and
also for your home use skincare product formulations.

KARAMAR EXCLUSIVES™ "Advanced" Skincare
Product Formulations Provide you with "Continuous,"
Unlimited "New" Options for your Ever-Changing Skincare
Needs and Goals, along with Years of Proven and Superior
Quality, and Effective Results  ~  you will be Amazed how
your skin can Look & Feel when you are using the Correct,
Exclusive, Advanced & Professional Strength Ingredients
Custom Formulated for your Individual & Specific Skin type.

 Professional Strength Skincare Products,
 Customized for your Individual and Specific Skin Type

"One-of-a-Kind" and are not available elsewhere,
extensive offering of Professional Skincare
Product Ingredients, are always Custom Formulated,
"Exclusively" for each KARAMAR Client's
Specific & ever-changing Skin Care Needs & Goals...

For Clients receiving our Advanced Customized Skincare
Treatments, by using KARAMAR EXCLUSIVES™ Custom
Formulated & Exclusive Professional Skincare Products at
home, after receiving your KARAMAR Skincare Treatment,
will help to ensure Longer Lasting Results, and being able
to schedule your next Skincare Treatment Appointments,
Further Apart, which is another Benefit, and Especially
Important for those with Limited Extra Time Available,
Extremely Hectic Family, Lifestyle & Career Demands.

Also, for our Longtime Clients and New Clients, due
to certain Medical Conditions and or Mediations who are
not able to receive our Advanced Skincare Treatments but
still wish to have their skin looking and feeling "it's very
best," our Custom Formulated, Exclusive Skincare Product
Formulations for Home-Use are an "Excellent Alternative."

I Look Forward to Helping You Achieve your 
Skincare Goals, in a Professional, Informative,
Pressure-Free & Enjoyable Environment.

Best Regards ~ Karen
 Owner of Karamar Skincare - by custom blend skincare area,

LE ~ ME ~ Educator ~ Product Research & Product Development
Adviser ~ Owner of KARAMAR Specialized Skincare ~ Founder,
Creator & President of KARAMAR EXCLUSIVES Fine Cosmetics and
KARAMAR EXCLUSIVES Advanced "Custom-Formulation" Skincare
Products Member of NCEA, NCA & PBA.  Years of "Advanced/Extensive"
Training & Hands-On Experience Specializing in "Clinical" Non-Invasive,
State-Of-The-Art Skin Rejuvenation, Non-Surgical Face-Lifts, and
Preventative Skincare Treatments  ~  Exclusive Private Practice.
~ Licensed to Work Independent of a Physician

Please Note:  Depending on your skin's condition, and or any past or
current medical or health conditions or medications, you may not be a
candidate for the Non-Surgical, Advanced, Anti-Aging, Preventative or
Rejuvenation Skincare Treatments we offer or are listed on this
website ~ however, we may still be able to possibly, again depending on
your skin's condition, your health and or medication you may be currently
taking, work with you to help you accomplish your skincare goals using
our "Exclusive" for Home Use, Advanced, Leading Edge, Individualized
Custom Formulated Professional Skincare Products Only Program.  Our
Exclusive Skincare Program Option has been "Extremely Successful"
for Clients who are not able to receive the Advanced Skincare Treatments
we offer ~ However, still wish to improve the look and feel of their skin.


Disclaimer:  The information on this website has been provided in good faith
for informational purposes only, and should not be relied upon as medical advice.
The information on this site is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.

Proudly Serving KARAMAR Clients
throughout the United States, and also from the following areas throughout Oregon, Washington
and California;
Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Studio City, Malibu, Santa Barbara,, La Jolla... ~ Portland,
Lake Oswego, West Linn, Clackamas, Happy Valley, Wilsonville, Sunnyside, Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview,
Corbett, Bend, Washougal, Vancouver, Seattle, Kirkland, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Tigard, Sherwood, Tualatin,
Cannon Beach, Pearl District, Salem, Eugene, Corvallis... ~ just to name a few... and the Metro Area in Oregon.



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